Gilles Wittenberg

Designer, Web developer


Best practice Front-end Developer | Interested in all aspects of Computer Science | Bachelor of Science in Design | Pre-master Architecture Student at TU Delft | Open Web, HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript enthousiast | CakePHP / Node.js / Ruby on Rails | Building stuff on top of UNIX/Linux | Modernist / Functionalist / Minimalist | Towards a New Kind of Future | GIT version control user | Testdriven developer | This text is edited with VIM | Math Groupie

Contact information

Mr. Gilles Wittenberg (1982 Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Tel: +31 (0) 6 25188765
Email: contact [at] gilleswittenberg [dot] com
KvK: 34293977, Amsterdam
BTW/VAT: NL132156684.B01
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